We buy on a serious scale, which brings in plenty of opportunity, but it also requires careful optimization and alignment to get things right - that’s where the business optimization team comes in.

With our expert product management skills, we design and optimize the buying processes for all ALDI SÜD countries globally, while also taking charge of international project management in the field of Buying and Assortment. This can entail working with external partners in areas like IT solution development, as well as developing communication and training materials for suppliers and buyers worldwide.

But whatever we’re doing, we think big.

"ALDI gives you the opportunity to gather experience in areas you potentially have never worked before."

-​ Kerstin -
Buying-Business Coordination Department




Salzburg is a historic city located at the northern boundary of the alps. With incredible natural scenery on your doorstep, as well as plenty of cultural exchange and leisure opportunities, it’s a great base for our hybrid working model and increased work-life balance. Plus, with easy access via road, rail, and air, it’s a central hub for national and overseas business.


Found in the Wels-Land district, close to the capital of Upper Austria, Linz, Eberstalzell has all the charm you’d associate with a small country town. It may not be one of the first places you’d expect to find the offices of a major organization, but Eberstalzell will surprise you. The offices are state-of-the-art with fantastic facilities, and with the international nature of the ALDI SÜD Group, a career here is as connected and global as any other, encouraging a rich environment for cultural exchange.

Working here never gets boring.

Some days you’ll spend your time meeting with team members in locations around the globe to fine-tune processes or report back on progress. Other times, you could be more focused on aligning with other Business Areas to develop solutions across different departments and countries.

No matter what we’re doing, collaboration is the theme of our workday, every day.


We really do undertake work with global impact. Our processes and solutions are used by ±2,500 buying staff members and more than 12,500 suppliers world-wide!