Love our products? We help to source them.

We work with ALDI teams across the world to maximize our global buying power; procuring food and other goods in the most efficient, cost-effective way. That’s how we ensure the best prices for our customers and maintain the high-quality standards we’re known for. To make this happen, we form long-term relationships with suppliers and focus on ethical and sustainable buying practices.

"We have more than 40 nationalities coming from all five continents that give an amazing flair to the company."

- Leon -
Buying Department

"The coolest thing about working at ALDI SÜD HOLDING is definitely that it’s truly international. Sometimes you hop on a call with colleagues from Australia in the morning and in the afternoon you are talking to people in USA."

- Jennifer -
Buying Department



Our food teams are responsible for buying all food and beverages items sold in our stores, from fresh & frozen to pantry or snacking, both branded and Private Label.


This team sources everything not related to food, including household goods, health and beauty, and pet food.


This team ensures all our individual products work together as a harmonious portfolio. It starts at brand strategy and development and includes legal expertise to ensure our own brand products are properly trademarked and protected. We are also responsible for the relationships with suppliers of our branded products.


This is the team where all analytics requests are landed or initiated. Their responsibilities include everything from providing reports and analyses to developing custom planning tools and implementing new reports in collaboration with IT and Finance & Administration.


Our Quality Assurance Team is ensuring the highest quality for all of our products in the food as well as in the near-food product range. All products have to meet our defined specification and quality requirements. As safety and quality of our products are our top priorities, all items are tested inhouse and analyzed by experts in the laboratory before going on the shelves.

The task is simple. Buy the biggest volume of the best-suited product and deliver the maximum cost-saving in the most sustainable way.

To do this, our teams are committed to sustainable product development by leveraging their expert product management skills. They analyse the needs of individual countries to identify where it makes sense to pool sourcing efforts or consolidate suppliers. Then, find ways to save costs using our collective resources so the savings can be passed on to customers.

Importantly, sustainability is always front of mind for us. Sustainable supply chain management is therefore at the heart of our trade. We work hand in hand with our International Sustainabilty and International Supply Chain Management teams to draw on their insight and champion their agenda in our work.

You could be dealing with suppliers or clients, creating tenders for products, or organizing sessions to try out new items.

Being first in line for extra samples is one of the unique perks here!



Salzburg is a historic city located at the northern boundary of the alps. With incredible natural scenery on your doorstep, as well as plenty of cultural exchange and leisure opportunities, it’s a great base for our hybrid working model and increased work-life balance. Plus, with easy access via road, rail, and air, it’s a central hub for national and overseas business.


We deal with some seriously big quantities in our day-to-day work. Take our dairy department for example. We sourced enough milk cartons to circle the globe four times and the total weight of cheese we bought is 63 times heavier than the Eiffel Tower.

No wonder we tasted over 1,800 samples last year!