Our employees drive our success. So, we make sure every colleague gets the tools they need to grow and develop in their role. No matter where you are in this business, you’re always moving forward.

Along with all the legally required and company-related induction courses, we also take new colleagues through our own structured onboarding program. This includes an opportunity to get to know other departments, get up to speed with any training, and connect with a buddy or your colleagues to help with all the advice and support you may need.

All our employees have access to courses to improve their technical knowledge when it comes to the software and other tools they need to use. As an international organisation, we run intercultural training for expats who have relocated to Austria, and we also offer language training in both English and German. Lastly, employees can access resources to brush up on the personal and social skills related to their role, for example project management or negotiation.

This two-year training program for new leaders ensures that individuals who are just starting out in this capacity are equipped with the right tools and skills to succeed. The customised training includes the areas of employee leadership and motivation, personnel development, and healthy self-management.

Additionally, our fast-paced, international business environment enables development beyond formal training. Each employee is given the opportunity and responsibility to fulfil their potential in a role that matters.

Working on high impact projects with global reach offers the chance to increase your abilities, challenge yourself, and turn your talent into mastery.