Ever wanted to know how all the great ALDI products get to our stores? We can tell you.

We help design the ALDI SÜD Group's global supply chain, acting as the businesses' supply chain Centre of Excellence and ensuring ALDI products arrive at their destination as efficiently as possible.  

But our world isn't just about making sure they are delivered right on time today, we also make decisions about the future of our logistics, and we can only do this because we have a great understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and megatrends that impact moving products from fields and factories to our stores. In today's globalized economy, sustainable supply chain management plays a crucial part in making businesses to maintain their competitiveness and our supply chain management department is at the heart of it.

"We are connecting our products all over the world that are reaching millions of customers."

-​ Andy -
Supply Chain Management Department



This team coordinates everything from designing supply chains to ocean freight routing, eCommerce and much more. Their role is vital in reducing risks and ensuring stakeholders are confident that their products will arrive on time and under budget. That’s why they work hard to create consistent and transparent communication, as well as having excellent stakeholder management skills.


There are massive amounts of data associated with our supply chain and the Data & Network Team ensures it is properly collected, cleansed, and analysed. They bring the data to life using state-of-the-art software so that we can make informed decisions as we develop our existing and future network to support our stores and ecommerce business.


This team of logistics experts are working on the future, right now. They investigate leading warehouse automation technology to develop new concepts that will constantly improve and evolve the way our supply chain operations and 80+ warehouses are run. This is all about never sitting still and finding ways to enhance our global competitiveness.


The team analyses our entire global logistics network to develop new sustainable shipping practices. Their passion is developing cost efficient transport solutions while focusing on new green industry technologies. Driven by analyzing sustainable supply chain management methods, they’re the link between our international and national logistics departments and always find the right way to deliver the best possible product in the most responsible way to our customers around the ALDI world.


Our Supply Chain and Logistics Operations Team works alongside our Buying Departments to manage the flow of goods from origin to their destination countries. They harmonize global processes, using fast decision making to solve logistical issues that arise and handle import and custom operations for our overseas products.

You will be working with experts from around the globe in all areas of strategic and operational supply chain management. The team are all curious about the future, passionate about trends and technology, and enthusiasts when it comes to sustainable supply chain management. We have team members from all over the world and they often have the opportunity to spend time in other markets.



Found in the Wels-Land district, close to the capital of Upper Austria, Linz, Eberstalzell has all the charm you’d associate with a small country town. It may not be one of the first places you’d expect to find the offices of a major organization, but Eberstalzell will surprise you. The offices are state-of-the-art with fantastic facilities, and with the international nature of the ALDI SÜD Group, a career here is as connected and global as any other, encouraging a rich environment for cultural exchange and collaboration.


We’re a team with a bit of a sweet tooth. Luckily, on average, one cake is brought to the office every 5.8 working days thanks to the different birthdays and special occasions we celebrate together.