Everything in our business is connected, because every decision ultimately shows up as a reference in the accounting books. These different threads all come together in our department, but our range of responsibility is not solely tied to numbers. We develop Group-wide IFRS guidelines, provide support in their execution, take part in international projects, and cover operational accounting activities. We are also responsible for the preparation of Entity and Group Financial Statements from a specialist and technical point of view.

"I enjoy working in a very diverse team, because we have different traditions, different views, different ideas and opinions - that makes it very dynamic and interesting."

- Evelyn -
Finance - Accounting Department


Our days can start with meetings with Australia, Hong Kong or the US, then continue to include posting incoming invoices and analysing our SAP system behaviour in the afternoon.

We could be working on an international project with several other departments before lunch, and then move on to researching IFRS standards and defining posting guidelines for upcoming business transactions. This dynamic environment provides a well-balanced mixture of business and project management tasks, encouraging self-management skills, effective communication on an international scale while promoting cultural exchange among team members.



Salzburg is a historic city located at the northern boundary of the alps. With incredible natural scenery on your doorstep, as well as plenty of cultural exchange and leisure opportunities, it’s a great base for our hybrid working model and increased work-life balance. Plus, with easy access via road, rail, and air, it’s a central hub for national and overseas business.


We claim to have the best team spirit and the reason for that is that we are all driven by the same values: positive mindset, motivation, engagement, efficiency, and most importantly, teamwork.