At International Supply Chain Management (ISCM), we’re designing the future. We act as a Global Centre of Excellence and collaborate with all countries and international departments of the ALDI SÜD Group in various fields of Supply Chain Management. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible right now, and also make decisions about the tomorrow based on a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and megatrends in our world. Our experts at sustainable supply chain management, help minimize environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and waste, which supports to preserve our planet whilst also aligning with consumer demands and responsible buying procedures.

Moreover, our sustainable supply chain management team design the next generation of warehousing and transportation, finding ways to reduce our emissions footprint and defining the future ecommerce fulfilment while they’re at it. To do this, they analyse and visualize big data and supply chain flows, evaluating potential scenarios and operationally improving our logistics processes one step at a time.