Doing the right thing is part of the ALDI SÜD HOLDING’s DNA.

Risk & Compliance plays a crucial role in driving efforts to ensure that the organisation as a whole complies with its legal obligations, whilst also ensuring the core business is safeguarded through the effective identification and management of risks.

"At ALDI SÜD HOLDING, people and departments want to be compliant and they are actively reaching out to us and we are happy to support them."

- Stefan -
Risk & Compliance Department


We work with teams across the ALDI SÜD Group to identify and assess potential risks, implementing policies and procedures to mitigate those risks, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

No day is ever truly the same, as we manage multiple tasks and priorities, so it’s essential we remain flexible and adaptable to the business needs, whilst also making time to keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments, to ensure we have effective solutions in place.



Salzburg is a historic city located at the northern boundary of the alps. With incredible natural scenery on your doorstep, as well as plenty of cultural exchange and leisure opportunities, it’s a great base for our hybrid working model and increased work-life balance. Plus, with easy access via road, rail, and air, it’s a central hub for national and overseas business.


Whilst we work directly with representatives in the ALDI SÜD countries to coordinate our approach to risk & compliance at a global level, we also have a team dedicated to supporting the growing international departments within the ALDI SÜD HOLDING, ensuring a consistent approach to risk and compliance is adopted right across the business.